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Call For Submissions

CONCEPT will be accepting article submissions for the 2015 issue beginning in December 2014. The deadline for submission is Monday, February 2, 2015. The author of the best article in the 2015 issue will receive the Graduate Student Research Prize.

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Vol 37 (2014)

Table of Contents

Graduate Research Prize (History)

"I Trust the Gospel and All Its Contents": The Disputation of Jirji the Monk and Medieval Islamic Knowledge of the Bible PDF
James Patrick Holmes


The Impact of Nitrogen Eutrophication on Caribbean Coral Reefs: A Review* PDF
Melissa Pastore


“None but I bestir me”: Failed Elegy as the Absence of Communal Language in Kyd’s The Spanish Tragedy PDF
Corey Waite Arnold
"Too inhuman": The Destabilization of Empire in Woolf's The Voyage Out* PDF
Mary Ann Brosnan Kraftschik


Dr. No and Dr. Strangelove: Cold War Anxiety in Film, 1962-1964* PDF
Alexander Patrick Langer
NAGPRA and the Penn Museum: Reconciling Science and the Sacred* PDF
Jennifer L. Putnam

Mathematical Sciences

Mathematical Models of the Metastasis of Cancer* PDF
Katrina McKinley Hoban


Artemisia's Revenge: Rape and Art in the Work of Jean-Luc Nancy PDF
Miranda Dawn Pilipchuk

Political Science

A Statesman Divided? Abraham Lincoln's Views on Race PDF
Ryan Shay


The Process and Implications of Self-Stigma in Schizophrenia PDF
Deborah Elaine Ward


Wise Sex: Affirmation of Human Sexuality and Female Desire in the Song of Songs PDF
Kaley Hawk
In What Sense is the Prototokos a Kosmos? Origen's Exegesis of John 8:32* PDF
Andrew Mihailoff
* Exclusive on-line content