CONCEPT is an interdisciplinary journal of graduate studies sponsored by the Graduate Division of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Villanova University. CONCEPT accepts submissions from Villanova graduate students in all fields of the arts and sciences. Submissions are reviewed by graduate student editors, faculty editors and peer reviewers, with final decisions made by the editors.

Call For Submissions

CONCEPT will be accepting article submissions for the 2018 issue beginning in December 2017. The deadline for submission is February 1, 2018. The author of the best article in the 2018 issue will receive the Graduate Student Research Prize.

Authors should register with the website, and follow the instructions there for posting their submission. (An author may submit no more than 1 article for consideration.) Those interested in serving as editors and as peer-reviewers should consult the job descriptions posted on the website and then contact the faculty editor-in-chief, John Kurtz ( to volunteer.


Vol 41 (2018)

Table of Contents

Graduate Research Prize (History)

“Marriage is the tomb of trust and love”: Marriage and Divorce in Olympe de Gouges’ Plays PDF
Justine Carre Miller


Back from the Dead: Rediscovering Value in John Okada’s No-No Boy and John Williams’s Stoner PDF
Nicholas Manai
Is Stephen Dedalus a Vampire? Bodily Breath, Creation, and Art in “Proteus” and “Aeolus” PDF
Amelia Mrozinski
“And down now, down…”: the Wildernesses of “Burning Chrome” and Inception PDF
Casey Smedberg
The Incredibly Loud and Uncomfortably Close Narrator of Uncle Tom’s Cabin PDF
Stephen Reaugh
Maxine Hong Kingston’s complex, multi-faceted, and paradoxical postmodernism in The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of A Girlhood Among Ghosts. PDF
Angeline Nies-Berger

Classical Studies

Lyric Messene: Collaborative Ethnogenesis and Historical Narrative PDF
Luke Nathaniel Madson


Reimagining the American Revolution: Jonathan Boucher’s Loyalist Perspective PDF
Andrew Carter Zetts`


An Inappropriate Football “Formation”: Beyoncé’s 2016 Super Bowl Performance, Mystery, and the Narratives of Football and Race in America PDF
Richelle J Hurley

Political Science

From Tribe to Nation: Assessing the Influence of Political Exclusion and Access to Mobilization Resources on Kurdish Ethnonationalism PDF
Joseph Lasky

Mathematics and Statistics

Which On-Base Percentage Shows the Highest True Ability of a Baseball Player? PDF
Edwin Lu