Purchasing the Status: Religious Confraternities in Late-Colonial Venezuela

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Andreina Soto



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Graduate Research Prize (History)
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Andreina Soto

Andreina Soto is a second-year graduate student in the History Department with a concentration in the Atlantic World (1500-1800). She has a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the Universidad Central de Venezuela, where she specialized in historical anthropology. Her research focuses on social mobility, ritual practices, and identity formation in Spanish-America. In 2015, Andreina was awarded the Summer Research Grant of the College of Arts and Liberal Sciences to do archival investigation at the Archivo General de Indias in Spain, which helped her to develop her analysis of religious confraternities and social mobility in latecolonial Venezuela. During the past year, Andreina has worked as a Teaching Assistant for the courses “The Revolutionary Atlantic (1750-1850)” and “The Renaissance Atlantic,” under the supervision of Cristina Soriano, PhD. Andreina is also an Education Intern at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, where she assists in the creation of online education materials and student programs.