From the Frontlines to Silent Spring: DDT and America’s War on Insects, 1941-1962*

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James Erwin Schmitt



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James Erwin Schmitt

James Erwin Schmitt graduated from Ohio University in 2012 with a B.A. in history. In 2014, he enrolled in Villanova’s M.A. program where he studies United States history with an emphasis on nineteenth-and-twentieth-century environmental history. His essays have won several awards including Ohio University’s Randolph Stone Award for outstanding historical research and writing, and Villanova University’s Daniel B. Carroll Prize for best graduate history paper. In 2013, James published his essay “’Cold Steel and the Flashing Blade’: the Decline of Garrisonian Pacifism and the Rise of Antislavery Violence, 1830-1850” in in the Ohio University Undergraduate Journal of History.