Forced Labor in Latin America: Case Studies of Bolivia, Chile and Peru*

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Dana Katherine Moyer



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Political Science
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Dana Katherine Moyer

Dana Moyer will obtain her M.A. in Political Science from Villanova University in May 2016. Prior to attending graduate school, Dana volunteered as an AmeriCorps VISTA member in Tucson, Arizona. She obtained her B.A. in Government and Law and Spanish from Lafayette College. During her time at Lafayette, she played on the varsity soccer team and also spent five months studying abroad in Argentina. As an intern at Parque de la Memoria (Remembrance Park) in Buenos Aires, Dana encountered firsthand the importance of transitional justice mechanisms, in this case, monuments, art, and truth-telling, in a country where the state committed grave atrocities against its citizens during the Dirty War. Living, studying, and working abroad in South America influenced Dana’s current research interests—notably, a keen interest in the comparative study of developing countries, genocide and political violence, transitional justice, identity and ethnicity, and forced migration.