Optimization in Academia*

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Justin O'Pella


The paper uses mixed-integer programming to schedule adjucnt faculty to teach in a graduate program at a small university and seeks to find the optimal assignments based on minimizing cost and achieving a specified level of quality. The focus of the paper is formulating university policy and standards of the program into a mathematical model to serve as constraints. Once the model is developed, sensitivity analysis provides key insights on how several adjustments affect the optimal result.

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Justin O'Pella, Graduate Student, Villanova University, M.A. Mathematics

Justin O’Pella is a second year graduate student at Villanova pursuing an M.A. in Mathematics. Justin received an M.B.A. from Philadelphia University in 2012 and a B.A. in Communication from the University of Scranton in 2008. Justin is an adjunct professor at Philadelphia University and teaches Business Statistics I and II. He has co-authored articles published in The International Journal of Business and Economics Perspectives about cost efficiencies of US regional banks and scale economies in the investment management industry. Justin’s interests in mathematics include mathematical statistics, optimization and data analysis.