Clerical Misconduct, Charity, and the Common Good: Saint Augustine's Sermons 355 & 356

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Rachel Claire Kondro


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Rachel Claire Kondro

Rachel Kondro will complete her M.A. in Theology in May, 2011. She received a B.A. and M.A. (Research) in Communication from Saint Louis University, in St. Louis, MO. Her article, “Clerical Misconduct, Charity, and the Common Good: Saint Augustine’s Sermons 355 & 356,” is based upon a paper written for the Thought of Augustine course taught by Fr. Allan Fitzgerald, O.S.A. last fall. She would like to thank Fr. Fitzgerald for a lively, semester-long dialogue with Augustine on issues of contemporary significance. Her other interests include the origins of Christian asceticism, Franciscan studies, and Ignatian spirituality.