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by Custom Essays (2017-01-20)

Writing essays - literary introspection

Next editor of Writing and Writing Magazine Online Louis Stiller is also a lecturer essay writing at the Writers School in Amsterdam and author of several essay books. He is also "write Essays' author of the book in the Library Register of August.

Essays, why?

Essays are everywhere, every day. In the newspaper, on the radio, in parliament, in the classroom, in church. Every day treat authors or Ca Mu us an essay gem in the Volkskrant bottom left corner. Each week pastors and pastors speak their religious essays drawn from the pulpit. Every month dozens of essays in literary magazines such as Rant, The Guide of Bunker Hill - sometimes disguised as a review, or monograph letter to the editor.

Because of this ubiquity we would call the essay's most successful literary genre. More than poems and stories. You now also true more in the strangest places, but much stubbornness makes the essay that you often as a reader, viewer or listener hardly do realize you're dealing with an essay. Letter from a fire chief in NRC Handelsblad: essay. Concluding remarks at the autumn meeting: Essay: Voice column by Francisco van Jole in The Lie reigns: essay.

Despite this broad appearance still the essay seems to be the literary genre with the least status. Novelist, we want to be, or poet; playwright would also be nice, maybe a screenwriter. Storyteller, also nice. But essayist? Ever hear a group of adolescents in the study Dutch with red cheeks discuss who write better essays Piet Meeuse or Bas Heine? Although the PC Hooft Prize is alternately awarded to a poet, prose writer and essayist, but never have I heard brag a tipsy young lady in the pub that they would be the best essayist of the Netherlands. Many carried little desired: it is the fate of the essay. So be it.


  • Remember, where you can find custom essay? In any media, in what places?
  • What do those essays? What is their purpose, their function?
  • Try to define for yourself what his essays.