Wise Sex: Affirmation of Human Sexuality and Female Desire in the Song of Songs

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The wisdom literature of the Hebrew Scriptures illuminates the truth of the natural longing for authentic love and expressive sexuality in a most unexpected manner.  Due to its explicit sexual nature, the Song of Songs is a biblical book that many interpreters have struggled to tame.  Perhaps the book was never meant to be tamed.  When the lovers in the book are allowed to speak in their lovesick humanity, the wisdom of God's Word proves more potent.  One is able to see how God intended human love to be--raw, passionate, and mutual.  As part of the the canonized Scriptures, and the widsom tradition in particular, the Song of Songs has a divinely sanctioned voice that speaks biblical truth, however shocking.  The wisdom of the Song is this: human love and sexuality are gifts from God that flourish best in a mutual relationship of respect.  Even further, the Song endorses the celebration of sexuality and intense longing, especially from a woman, a reflection of wisdom in the Scriptures that is unique, unsettling, and wholly needed.

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