Let's Get Real The Value of Realistic Job Previews in Recruitment Strategy

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The paper aims to evaluate several models of realistic job previews (RJP) and their effectiveness when presented during the recruitment process. This is intended to provide a comprehensive background of realistic job previews starting with Breaugh (1983), a study in which overall effectiveness of the RJP is contemplated. Five groups of RJPs will be assessed: oral and written, video, animated simulation, in-person, and self-assessment. In these sections, there will be connections drawn to three industrial-organizational psychology theories: organizational honesty, self-selection, and signaling theory. RJPs are typically used in the recruitment process to allow the candidate to gauge their person-organization (P-O) fit within the group the candidate is interviewing with. There is a goal to show the reader how realistic job previews are relevant to organizational strategy as it relates to recruitment, specifically in job retention, job turnover, and job satisfaction. With the current state of the Great Resignation (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022), organizations seek to attract and retain top talent. An effective RJP may provide one solution to support these goals. The paper concludes with discussion of challenges and benefits across the five RJP deliveries presented, and suggestions are provided for organizational leaders to consider when implementing. 

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