Gen Z on the Horizon: The Importance of Strategic Change Within the Organization

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Generation Z (Gen Z) has begun to newly enter the workforce with unique values, expectations, and social elements to their elder counterparts.  Despite this change in their demographics, organizations are failing to strategically change in preparation for their Gen Z candidates.  Organizational leaders must reinforce the notion that generational differences exist in the workplace, and when nurtured properly, can fuel the strength of the organization.  By understanding the psycho-social development of Gen Z over the past approximate quarter-century, various Human Resource (HR) functions such as recruitment, onboarding, and performance management may more fluidly adapt.  In following the person-organization fit theory, by aligning organizational values and employee values, a strong person-organization fit may positively impact job satisfaction, organizational citizenship behavior, and performance.  To achieve person-organization fit with Gen Z professionals, the organization should elect goals as recommended by the DITTO framework to effectively adapt to the needs and values of its newest assets.  In return, the organization will attain high-performing, satisfied employees who strengthen its competitiveness in the industry.

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