Vol 36 (2013)

Table of Contents

Graduate Research Prize (History)

“A Stout Heart Crushes Ill-Luck?”: Materialism, British Masculinity, The Western Front, and the Changing Meaning of Luck in the Late-nineteenth and Early-twentieth Century PDF
William L. Gay

Graduate Research Prize (Psychology)

Diagnosis of Late-Life Depression: A Critical Review PDF
Shaina Garrison


The Impact Of Climate Change On The Mistiming Of Bird-Resource Phenologies PDF
Joseph Funk


Women in Caskets: Commodities in Shakespeare’s Pericles PDF
Rebecca Hepp


Examining the Mythic Past: 1950 Westerns and Interdisciplinary Interpretation* PDF
Tom Foley
False Patriots: American Mercenaries and the Fight for Independence* PDF
Matthew Landis

Liberal Studies

Warrior, Hero, Mentor: The Influence of Prince Peter Bagration on the Fictional Protagonists of War and Peace* PDF
Kenneth Mumma


A Good Beyond Sanity: Immanuel Kant and Ivan Karamazov on the Justifiability of Human Suffering PDF
Miranda Pilipchuk
Lipstick Signification and Written Flirtation: Gendering Metaphor in Locke’s “The Abuse of Words”* PDF
Summer Renault-Steele


PTSD in Pre-School Children: A Review and Synthesis of Research on the Need for a Separate DSM Category* PDF
Tara Frem
The Legitimacy and Etiology of Dissociative Identity Disorder* PDF
Alexandra M. Henning


“How Are Things in Glocca Morra?”: Vilifying Capitalism and Prejudice through a Socialist Utopia in Finian’s Rainbow* PDF
Rebekah Weagraff


“In His Light See Light”: The Influence of Augustine on Ratzinger’s Perspective on Creation* PDF
Suzanne Wentzel
* Exclusive on-line content