Vol 37 (2014)

Table of Contents

Graduate Research Prize (History)

"I Trust the Gospel and All Its Contents": The Disputation of Jirji the Monk and Medieval Islamic Knowledge of the Bible PDF
James Patrick Holmes


The Impact of Nitrogen Eutrophication on Caribbean Coral Reefs: A Review* PDF
Melissa Pastore


“None but I bestir me”: Failed Elegy as the Absence of Communal Language in Kyd’s The Spanish Tragedy PDF
Corey Waite Arnold
"Too inhuman": The Destabilization of Empire in Woolf's The Voyage Out* PDF
Mary Ann Brosnan Kraftschik


Dr. No and Dr. Strangelove: Cold War Anxiety in Film, 1962-1964* PDF
Alexander Patrick Langer
NAGPRA and the Penn Museum: Reconciling Science and the Sacred* PDF
Jennifer L. Putnam

Mathematical Sciences

Mathematical Models of the Metastasis of Cancer* PDF
Katrina McKinley Hoban


Artemisia's Revenge: Rape and Art in the Work of Jean-Luc Nancy PDF
Miranda Dawn Pilipchuk

Political Science

A Statesman Divided? Abraham Lincoln's Views on Race PDF
Ryan Shay


The Process and Implications of Self-Stigma in Schizophrenia PDF
Deborah Elaine Ward


Wise Sex: Affirmation of Human Sexuality and Female Desire in the Song of Songs PDF
Kaley Hawk
In What Sense is the Prototokos a Kosmos? Origen's Exegesis of John 8:32* PDF
Andrew Mihailoff
* Exclusive on-line content