Vol 38 (2015)

Table of Contents

Graduate Research Prize (History)

“If I Get Home Safe”: William C. White’s Experiences in the American Civil War PDF HTML
James Kopaczewski


Red Ink Algorithms: "Wandering Rocks" as a Virtual City* PDF HTML
Michelle Callaghan


The Untold Stories of Mormonism Exposed: Material Culture, Dime Novels, and Mormonism in American Society PDF HTML
Daniel Gorman Jr.

Mathematics and Statistics

Application of a Markov Chain Traffic Model to the Greater Philadelphia Region PDF HTML
Joseph Glenn Reiter


Rousseau on Health: A Study of Our Relations PDF HTML
Kelsey N. Borrowman

Political Science

Seventh Fleet Standoff: A Two-Cut Analysis of the Decision to Neutralize Taiwan in June 1950* PDF HTML
Eric P. Swanson
Inequality in the Caribbean: A Case Study of Hispaniola PDF HTML
Ariana N.K. Tavakoli


Biofeedback and Anxiety Disorders: A Critical Review of EMG, EEG, and HRV Feedback PDF HTML
Lexie Tabachnick

Theology and Religious Studies

Letting the Finite Vanish: Hegel, Tillich, and Caputo on the Ontological Philosophy of Religion* PDF HTML
Jacob Neal Given
* Exclusive on-line content