Vol 39 (2016)

Table of Contents

Graduate Research Prize (History)

Purchasing the Status: Religious Confraternities in Late-Colonial Venezuela PDF
Andreina Soto


The Phylogeny of New World Chickadees in the family Paridae PDF
Robert Driver


“The Shadow in the Windowpane”: Containment, Privacy, and Censorship in Pale Fire PDF
Laura Tscherry

Hispanic Studies

La pluma del águila imperial y católica: La vida de San Juan de Sahagún como validación de la iglesia y monarquía en España* PDF
Ian Gates


From the Frontlines to Silent Spring: DDT and America’s War on Insects, 1941-1962* PDF
James Erwin Schmitt


Analysis of Fractals from a Mathematical and Real-World Perspective PDF
Anup A. Somalwar


The Writing Living in Papyrus and Wool PDF
Zack Sievers

Political Science

Forced Labor in Latin America: Case Studies of Bolivia, Chile and Peru* PDF
Dana Katherine Moyer
Third Gender and the Third World: Tracing Social and Legal Acceptance of the Transgender Community in Developing Countries PDF
Kimberly Tower


From Peasant to Queen: The Necessity of Realism in Lady Gregory and W. B. Yeats’s Kathleen Ni Houlihan PDF
Amanda Coffin


The δοῦλος of Pauline Literature: Slavery and Freedom in the New Testament Epistles* PDF
Patrick Connolly
* Exclusive on-line content