Vol 27 (2004)

Table of Contents


Effective Discipline for Misbehavior: In-School versus Out-of-School Suspension* PDF
Neil Blomberg
The Calculator in the Elementary Classroom: Making a Useful Tool Out of an Ineffective Crutch PDF
Erin McCauliff
Evaluating Academic Success in Student Athletes: A Literature Review PDF
Scott Stansbury


Under the Reign of Doubt: Chaucer's House of Fame and Narrative Authority* PDF
Christopher B. Smith


No Army Inspired: The Failure of Nationalism at Antebellum West Point* PDF
Jacob Kobrick
The American Defeat at Quebec in 1775 PDF
Anthony Nardini
The Economics of Peace: World War I and Scott Nearing's Radical American* PDF
Thomas Wirth

Mathematical Sciences

Currency Exchange Trading and Rogue Trader John Rusnak PDF
Sharon Burke


Kierkegaard and Feminism: A Paradoxical Friendship* PDF
Dera Sipe


Amygdala Abnormality and Its Role in Autistic Socio-Emotional Impairment: A Proposed Study of Somatic Intervention Among Macaque Monkeys* PDF
Davina Rosen

Public Administration

The Global Influence of New Public Management: Case Studies from Africa PDF
Matthew Baird


Theodicy and the Nature of God in Nahum and Jonah PDF
Sandy Haney


Procesos de liberaciĆ³n: Cambio de Armas: Luisa Valenzuela (Buenos Aires, 1938) PDF
Laura Sesana
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