Vol 29 (2006)

Table of Contents


Macbeth's Likely Suspects* PDF
Erin Connelly
In the Shadow of Frankenstein's Creature: Harriet Jacobs' Gothic Garret PDF
Noel Dolan
Emily Dickinson and Social Class: Incorporating and Contesting PDF
Rita Williams


We don't do Body Counts: A study of the Pentagon and the Controversy of Civilian Casualties in Modern Warfare* PDF
David Williams
Teaching Tolerance through the Lens of the Holocaust: The Goodwin Holocaust Museum and Education Center of South Jersey* PDF
Faith Charlton


Struggling with Flesh: Soul/Body Dualism in Porphyry and Augustine* PDF
Dera Sipe
A Wittgensteinian Vision of Knowledge PDF
Geoffrey Karabin

Political Science

Lament of Ahmad Khani: A Study of the Historical Struggle of the Kurds for an Independent Kurdistan PDF
Erik Novak


REM and Remembering: The Nature of Memory Consolidation and Memory Retrieval* PDF
Casey Murray


Sixto VI como palinoda: Una desintegración de las categorías que rigen sobre el ser humano PDF
Alejandra Navarro-Benbow
Confrontación De Dos Lados De La Clase Baja De Barcelona Mediante La Estructura Del Triunfo De Francisco Casavella PDF
Safiya Maouelainin


Constructing a Coherent Christian Sexual Ethic: Towards Discovering the Gift of Homosexuality* PDF
John P. Edwards
As the Days of Noah: A Critical Examination of the `Sons of God' and the Nephilim in Genesis 6:1-4 PDF
Ryan Corbi
Miriam in Numbers 12 PDF
Denise Pimpinella
* Exclusive on-line content