Vol 30 (2007)

Table of Contents


"It will grow muddy for want of motion": Interpretations of Fixing the English Language in Gulliver's Travels and Rasselas* PDF
Jessica Lasak
"More nearly right": Allowing Ambiguity of Female Solidarity in Elizabeth G. Jordan's Tales of the City Room PDF
Monica Petrilli
Not for Sale: Liberation and Commodified Identity in Ellison's Invisible Man PDF
Kevin Ruggeri


The Paxton Boys and the Pamphlet Frenzy: Politics, Religion, and Social Structure in Eighteenth-Century Pennsylvania* PDF
Alexandra Mancini
Greetings from Jim Crow, New Jersey: Contesting the Meaning and Abandonment of Reconstruction in the Public and Commercial Spaces of Asbury Park, 1880-1890* PDF
David Goldberg
John Dickinson: The Cautious Patriot PDF
Elizabeth Crowley

Liberal Studies

Vampirism and Blood Identity: An Analysis of Social Constructions And Anxieties PDF
Daniella Bellafiore

Political Science

New Views of the Election of the President: How Direct Choice of Electors by State Legislators Could Affect Presidential Elections and the Presidency PDF
Martyn Babitz
Shifting Sands: Continuity and Change in Russian-Saudi Relations* PDF
Christopher Diehl


Forgiveness in the Polis: Seeking Reconciliation In Post-Apartheid South Africa* PDF
William H. LeMaire
Sometimes the Center is the Wrong Place to Be: An Examination of Isaiah 66:17* PDF
Kevin Malarkey
* Exclusive on-line content