Vol 31 (2008)

Table of Contents


"Salvation in a False Direction": How Domestic Materiality in two Literary Case Studies Reconfigures the Victorian Family PDF
Laura Defurio
"Not What We Ought to Say": Male Anxiety and the Power of Female Speech in Shakespeare's King Lear and Richard III PDF
Kelly Gesch
Outland as Motherland: Maternity and Homosexuality in Willa Cather's The Professor's House* PDF
Peter Nagy


Visceral History: Interpreting Independence National Historical Park* PDF
Michael B. Chornesky
Jimmy Carter's Human Rights Policy and Iran: a Re-Examination, 1976-79 PDF
John Gilbert
Rebels with a Cause: Revolutionary Syndicalism, Anarchism, and Socialism in fin-de-si├Ęcle France* PDF
Andrew P. Miller
Roanoke: The Past through the Present PDF
Karen Sause

Liberal Studies

World Bank Lending: A Catholic Social Teaching Perspective* PDF
Stefan A. Perun

Political Science

The Value of Social Capital to the Future of Iraq* PDF
Donald Caldwell
Problems of Prosperity: A Comparative Study of the Social Consequences of Economic Growth in Ireland* PDF
Ellen K. Meeker
Will Globalization Bring Economic Prosperity to Continental Sub-Saharan Africa? PDF
F. Phillip Peche


Life in the Kingdom: Meal as Symbol of Jesus' Mission PDF
Sarah Sahu
* Exclusive on-line content