Vol 35 (2012)

Table of Contents

Graduate Research Prize (Theology)

Duns Scotus at the Intersection of Christology and Consciousness PDF
Michael N.J. Fatigati


When Silenced Voices Become Wall-Scale Public Discourse: A Social Constructionist Analysis of Two Philadelphia Murals PDF
Silvana Pop


The Reconstitution of Sisterhood in Augusta Webster's "A Castaway" PDF
Grace Oh
"Proper for a lady's brush": The Visual Arts in the Work of Louisa May Alcott* PDF
Alexandra Edwards
"His blood is infected": Transmission of Disease and Wealth in Dickens's Bleak House* PDF
Afton Lorraine Woodward


English Aristocratic Women's Take on Health: 1450-1630 PDF
Erika M. Grimminger
American Eugenics: A History of its Evolution from Public Health Initiative to Scientific Racism, Historical Memory, and Modern Genetics* PDF
Margaret Rigas

Liberal Studies

The Entheos Diagnosis PDF
Melissa Dugan Rachwal

Public Administration

The Role of Religion (or Not) in the Tea Party Movement: Current Debates & The Anti-Federalists* PDF
Julie Schumacher Cohen
* Exclusive on-line content