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Vol 28 (2005) A Dancer's Virtue: Human Life in Light of Nietzsche's Eternal Recurrence* Abstract   PDF
Michael Metcalfe
Vol 28 (2005) I am a Western Man: The Progressive Historian as Midwesterner; the Lives and Works of Turner, Beard, and Becker* Abstract   PDF
Jeff Ludwig
Vol 29 (2006) Macbeth's Likely Suspects* Abstract   PDF
Erin Connelly
Vol 28 (2005) Peel off the Napkin/O my Enemy?Do I Terrify? Sylvia Plath's Investigation of the Consequences of Objectification in Lady Lazarus Abstract   PDF
Monica Petrilli
Vol 36 (2013) A Good Beyond Sanity: Immanuel Kant and Ivan Karamazov on the Justifiability of Human Suffering Abstract   PDF
Miranda Pilipchuk
Vol 37 (2014) A Statesman Divided? Abraham Lincoln's Views on Race Abstract   PDF
Ryan Shay
Vol 29 (2006) A Wittgensteinian Vision of Knowledge Abstract   PDF
Geoffrey Karabin
Vol 26 (2003) Absence, Desire, and Love in John Donne and Roland Barthes Abstract   HTML
Christopher B. Smith
Vol 28 (2005) Alien Animals and American Angels: The Commodification and Commercialization of the Progressive-Era White Slave Abstract   PDF
James Adams
Vol 35 (2012) American Eugenics: A History of its Evolution from Public Health Initiative to Scientific Racism, Historical Memory, and Modern Genetics* Abstract   PDF
Margaret Rigas
Vol 27 (2004) Amygdala Abnormality and Its Role in Autistic Socio-Emotional Impairment: A Proposed Study of Somatic Intervention Among Macaque Monkeys* Abstract   PDF
Davina Rosen
Vol 39 (2016) Analysis of Fractals from a Mathematical and Real-World Perspective Abstract   PDF
Anup A. Somalwar
Vol 26 (2003) Analysis of Research Regarding Adolescent Generalized Anxiety Disorder Abstract   HTML
Kristy Suriano
Vol 38 (2015) Application of a Markov Chain Traffic Model to the Greater Philadelphia Region Abstract   PDF   HTML
Joseph Glenn Reiter
Vol 37 (2014) Artemisia's Revenge: Rape and Art in the Work of Jean-Luc Nancy Abstract   PDF
Miranda Dawn Pilipchuk
Vol 29 (2006) As the Days of Noah: A Critical Examination of the `Sons of God' and the Nephilim in Genesis 6:1-4 Abstract   PDF
Ryan Corbi
Vol 38 (2015) Biofeedback and Anxiety Disorders: A Critical Review of EMG, EEG, and HRV Feedback Abstract   PDF   HTML
Lexie Tabachnick
Vol 32 (2009) Board-Staff Relationships in Small Nonprofits Abstract   PDF
Paul Bonfanti
Vol 32 (2009) Building the Black Zion: The Role of Black Churches in Creating Philadelphia's Free Black Community, 1787-1820* Abstract   PDF
Brian J. Terpak
Vol 28 (2005) Classifications and Descriptions of Parents who Commit Filicide Abstract   PDF
Linda Cylc
Vol 34 (2011) Clerical Misconduct, Charity, and the Common Good: Saint Augustine's Sermons 355 & 356 Abstract   PDF   HTML
Rachel Claire Kondro
Vol 28 (2005) Communication Strategies: Marketing to the 'Majority Minority' Abstract   PDF
Ian Bush, Rachelle Damminger, Lisa Marie Daniels, Elizabeth Laoye
Vol 29 (2006) ConfrontaciĆ³n De Dos Lados De La Clase Baja De Barcelona Mediante La Estructura Del Triunfo De Francisco Casavella Abstract   PDF
Safiya Maouelainin
Vol 29 (2006) Constructing a Coherent Christian Sexual Ethic: Towards Discovering the Gift of Homosexuality* Abstract   PDF
John P. Edwards
Vol 33 (2010) Constructions and Reconstructions: Feminism, Postmodernism, and The Handmaid's Tale* Abstract   PDF
Edward H. Howell
Vol 33 (2010) Controlling Images of African women: The Hottentot Venus, Alek Wek & the Thought of Stuart Hall Abstract   PDF
Elisa Foster
Vol 32 (2009) Converging Evidence for Reality Monitoring Deficits as a Critical Component in Understanding Schizophrenia Symptomatology* Abstract   PDF
Brian A. Anderson
Vol 27 (2004) Currency Exchange Trading and Rogue Trader John Rusnak Abstract   PDF
Sharon Burke
Vol 36 (2013) Diagnosis of Late-Life Depression: A Critical Review Abstract   PDF
Shaina Garrison
Vol 37 (2014) Dr. No and Dr. Strangelove: Cold War Anxiety in Film, 1962-1964* Abstract   PDF
Alexander Patrick Langer
Vol 35 (2012) Duns Scotus at the Intersection of Christology and Consciousness Abstract   PDF
Michael N.J. Fatigati
Vol 27 (2004) Effective Discipline for Misbehavior: In-School versus Out-of-School Suspension* Abstract   PDF
Neil Blomberg
Vol 34 (2011) Embed with the Enemy?: War Correspondence as a Facet of Public Relations Abstract   PDF   HTML
Daniel E. Trucil
Vol 29 (2006) Emily Dickinson and Social Class: Incorporating and Contesting Abstract   PDF
Rita Williams
Vol 35 (2012) English Aristocratic Women's Take on Health: 1450-1630 Abstract   PDF
Erika M. Grimminger
Vol 33 (2010) Eschatological Temporality, Or: 'Bergson and the Reign of Theos'* Abstract   PDF
Mark William Westmoreland
Vol 27 (2004) Evaluating Academic Success in Student Athletes: A Literature Review Abstract   PDF
Scott Stansbury
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