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Vol 34 (2011) Embed with the Enemy?: War Correspondence as a Facet of Public Relations Abstract   PDF   HTML
Daniel E. Trucil
Vol 29 (2006) Emily Dickinson and Social Class: Incorporating and Contesting Abstract   PDF
Rita Williams
Vol 35 (2012) English Aristocratic Women's Take on Health: 1450-1630 Abstract   PDF
Erika M. Grimminger
Vol 33 (2010) Eschatological Temporality, Or: 'Bergson and the Reign of Theos'* Abstract   PDF
Mark William Westmoreland
Vol 27 (2004) Evaluating Academic Success in Student Athletes: A Literature Review Abstract   PDF
Scott Stansbury
Vol 36 (2013) Examining the Mythic Past: 1950 Westerns and Interdisciplinary Interpretation* Abstract   PDF
Tom Foley
Vol 36 (2013) False Patriots: American Mercenaries and the Fight for Independence* Abstract   PDF
Matthew Landis
Vol 28 (2005) Female Freedom Fighters Abstract   PDF
Marc Napolitano
Vol 39 (2016) Forced Labor in Latin America: Case Studies of Bolivia, Chile and Peru* Abstract   PDF
Dana Katherine Moyer
Vol 30 (2007) Forgiveness in the Polis: Seeking Reconciliation In Post-Apartheid South Africa* Abstract   PDF
William H. LeMaire
Vol 39 (2016) From Peasant to Queen: The Necessity of Realism in Lady Gregory and W. B. Yeats’s Kathleen Ni Houlihan Abstract   PDF
Amanda Coffin
Vol 39 (2016) From the Frontlines to Silent Spring: DDT and America’s War on Insects, 1941-1962* Abstract   PDF
James Erwin Schmitt
Vol 41 (2018) From Tribe to Nation: Assessing the Influence of Political Exclusion and Access to Mobilization Resources on Kurdish Ethnonationalism Abstract   PDF
Joseph Lasky
Vol 32 (2009) "Gained Instead": A Study of Power in Robert Browning's "Porphyria's Lover"* Abstract   PDF
Stephanie M. McConnell
Vol 33 (2010) Gender...Gone Wild: The Sexual Economy of Reality Exploitation Abstract   PDF
Andrew J. Owens
Vol 32 (2009) Genetic Factors are More Predictive of Adult Drinking Behavior than Early Exposure to Alcohol in Mice Genetically Selected for Alcohol Preference Abstract   PDF
Matthew Hughes
Vol 30 (2007) Greetings from Jim Crow, New Jersey: Contesting the Meaning and Abandonment of Reconstruction in the Public and Commercial Spaces of Asbury Park, 1880-1890* Abstract   PDF
David Goldberg
Vol 35 (2012) "His blood is infected": Transmission of Disease and Wealth in Dickens's Bleak House* Abstract   PDF
Afton Lorraine Woodward
Vol 26 (2003) History, Theology, and Interpretation: The Ephrata Cloister, a Case Study in Public History Abstract   HTML
Darin D. Lenz
Vol 28 (2005) Hope of the Kingdom and Hope of the Resurrection: Hope for Whom? Broadening a Liberationist Prespective* Abstract   PDF
John P. Edwards
Vol 37 (2014) "I Trust the Gospel and All Its Contents": The Disputation of Jirji the Monk and Medieval Islamic Knowledge of the Bible Abstract   PDF
James Patrick Holmes
Vol 26 (2003) Ideas Shoot Bullets: How the RICO Act Became a Potent Weapon in the War Against Organized Crime Abstract   HTML
Mark Gordon
Vol 40 (2017) In Her Shape How Lovely: The Habit of Virtue in Paradise Lost* Abstract   PDF
Christian Leithart
Vol 29 (2006) In the Shadow of Frankenstein's Creature: Harriet Jacobs' Gothic Garret Abstract   PDF
Noel Dolan
Vol 40 (2017) "In thousand Liveries dight:" Contemplating the Landscape in L'Allegro and Il Penseroso* Abstract   PDF
William Anthony Repetto
Vol 37 (2014) In What Sense is the Prototokos a Kosmos? Origen's Exegesis of John 8:32* Abstract   PDF
Andrew Mihailoff
Vol 38 (2015) Inequality in the Caribbean: A Case Study of Hispaniola Abstract   PDF   HTML
Ariana N.K. Tavakoli
Vol 41 (2018) Is Stephen Dedalus a Vampire? Bodily Breath, Creation, and Art in “Proteus” and “Aeolus” Details   PDF
Amelia Mrozinski
Vol 30 (2007) "It will grow muddy for want of motion": Interpretations of Fixing the English Language in Gulliver's Travels and Rasselas* Abstract   PDF
Jessica Lasak
Vol 31 (2008) Jimmy Carter's Human Rights Policy and Iran: a Re-Examination, 1976-79 Abstract   PDF
John Gilbert
Vol 30 (2007) John Dickinson: The Cautious Patriot Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth Crowley
Vol 27 (2004) Kierkegaard and Feminism: A Paradoxical Friendship* Abstract   PDF
Dera Sipe
Vol 34 (2011) Kurtz and Modernity: The Epistemological Crisis at the Heart of Darkness Abstract   PDF   HTML
Benjamin Raymond
Vol 39 (2016) La pluma del águila imperial y católica: La vida de San Juan de Sahagún como validación de la iglesia y monarquía en España* Abstract   PDF
Ian Gates
Vol 29 (2006) Lament of Ahmad Khani: A Study of the Historical Struggle of the Kurds for an Independent Kurdistan Abstract   PDF
Erik Novak
Vol 38 (2015) Letting the Finite Vanish: Hegel, Tillich, and Caputo on the Ontological Philosophy of Religion* Abstract   PDF   HTML
Jacob Neal Given
Vol 31 (2008) Life in the Kingdom: Meal as Symbol of Jesus' Mission Abstract   PDF
Sarah Sahu
Vol 36 (2013) Lipstick Signification and Written Flirtation: Gendering Metaphor in Locke’s “The Abuse of Words”* Abstract   PDF
Summer Renault-Steele
Vol 41 (2018) Lyric Messene: Collaborative Ethnogenesis and Historical Narrative Abstract   PDF
Luke Nathaniel Madson
Vol 37 (2014) Mathematical Models of the Metastasis of Cancer* Abstract   PDF
Katrina McKinley Hoban
Vol 41 (2018) Maxine Hong Kingston’s complex, multi-faceted, and paradoxical postmodernism in The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of A Girlhood Among Ghosts. Details   PDF
Angeline Nies-Berger
Vol 29 (2006) Miriam in Numbers 12 Abstract   PDF
Denise Pimpinella
Vol 30 (2007) "More nearly right": Allowing Ambiguity of Female Solidarity in Elizabeth G. Jordan's Tales of the City Room Abstract   PDF
Monica Petrilli
Vol 37 (2014) NAGPRA and the Penn Museum: Reconciling Science and the Sacred* Abstract   PDF
Jennifer L. Putnam
Vol 28 (2005) Nestorius and Cyril: 5th Century Christological Division and Recent Progress in Reconciliation Abstract   PDF
Ben Green
Vol 30 (2007) New Views of the Election of the President: How Direct Choice of Electors by State Legislators Could Affect Presidential Elections and the Presidency Abstract   PDF
Martyn Babitz
Vol 27 (2004) No Army Inspired: The Failure of Nationalism at Antebellum West Point* Abstract   PDF
Jacob Kobrick
Vol 32 (2009) Nobler Before God: Virginity and the Pelagian Controversy Abstract   PDF
Daniel J. Minch, Jr.
Vol 30 (2007) Not for Sale: Liberation and Commodified Identity in Ellison's Invisible Man Abstract   PDF
Kevin Ruggeri
Vol 31 (2008) "Not What We Ought to Say": Male Anxiety and the Power of Female Speech in Shakespeare's King Lear and Richard III Abstract   PDF
Kelly Gesch
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