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Vol 40 (2017) Nothing But a Good Man Feeling Bad: How Toomer Sings the Blues in Cane Abstract   PDF
Kevin Halleran
Vol 40 (2017) Optimization in Academia* Abstract   PDF
Justin O'Pella
Vol 40 (2017) Our Lord Hitler: An Historical Basis for the Theocracy in Swastika Night Abstract   PDF
Kenneth Mumma
Vol 31 (2008) Outland as Motherland: Maternity and Homosexuality in Willa Cather's The Professor's House* Abstract   PDF
Peter Nagy
Vol 33 (2010) Paradise Re-Envisioned: William Blake's Milton as the Redemption of Selfhood Abstract   PDF
Alexander Williams
Vol 26 (2003) Party Development and Institutional Influences in Russia: Electoral Systems and the Presidency Abstract   HTML
Matthew Baird
Vol 28 (2005) Patterns in the Framing: Patience and The Hours of Catherine of Cleves Abstract   PDF
Rita Williams
Vol 26 (2003) Philosophical Dimensions of Feminist Social Change Abstract   HTML
Antonia Marzulli
Vol 31 (2008) Problems of Prosperity: A Comparative Study of the Social Consequences of Economic Growth in Ireland* Abstract   PDF
Ellen K. Meeker
Vol 27 (2004) Procesos de liberación: Cambio de Armas: Luisa Valenzuela (Buenos Aires, 1938) Abstract   PDF
Laura Sesana
Vol 35 (2012) "Proper for a lady's brush": The Visual Arts in the Work of Louisa May Alcott* Abstract   PDF
Alexandra Edwards
Vol 36 (2013) PTSD in Pre-School Children: A Review and Synthesis of Research on the Need for a Separate DSM Category* Abstract   PDF
Tara Frem
Vol 39 (2016) Purchasing the Status: Religious Confraternities in Late-Colonial Venezuela Abstract   PDF
Andreina Soto
Vol 34 (2011) Reading Death and Sacrifice in the Berlin Völkischer Beobachter, February 1942 – March 1943 Abstract   PDF   HTML
Robert Terrell
Vol 31 (2008) Rebels with a Cause: Revolutionary Syndicalism, Anarchism, and Socialism in fin-de-siècle France* Abstract   PDF
Andrew P. Miller
Vol 38 (2015) Red Ink Algorithms: "Wandering Rocks" as a Virtual City* Abstract   PDF   HTML
Michelle Callaghan
Vol 26 (2003) Reform in Mathematics Education: Rethinking the Curriculum Abstract   HTML
Melissa Bono
Vol 41 (2018) Reimagining the American Revolution: Jonathan Boucher’s Loyalist Perspective Abstract   PDF
Andrew Carter Zetts`
Vol 29 (2006) REM and Remembering: The Nature of Memory Consolidation and Memory Retrieval* Abstract   PDF
Casey Murray
Vol 31 (2008) Roanoke: The Past through the Present Abstract   PDF
Karen Sause
Vol 38 (2015) Rousseau on Health: A Study of Our Relations Abstract   PDF   HTML
Kelsey N. Borrowman
Vol 31 (2008) "Salvation in a False Direction": How Domestic Materiality in two Literary Case Studies Reconfigures the Victorian Family Abstract   PDF
Laura Defurio
Vol 28 (2005) Same Old Penelope: Feminist Analysis of Molly's Soliloquy in Ulysses Abstract   PDF
Liv McMullen
Vol 28 (2005) Scientific Jury Selection: History, Practice, and Controversy* Abstract   PDF
Audrey Cleary
Vol 34 (2011) Seeking a Hoosier Home: Black Migration to Indiana and the Politics of Belonging Abstract   PDF   HTML
Kyle Brent Robinson
Vol 38 (2015) Seventh Fleet Standoff: A Two-Cut Analysis of the Decision to Neutralize Taiwan in June 1950* Abstract   PDF   HTML
Eric P. Swanson
Vol 30 (2007) Shifting Sands: Continuity and Change in Russian-Saudi Relations* Abstract   PDF
Christopher Diehl
Vol 40 (2017) "Ship of Fools": Democracy and Religious Performance in Melville's The Confidence-Man* Abstract   PDF
James Butler
Vol 29 (2006) Sixto VI como palinoda: Una desintegración de las categorías que rigen sobre el ser humano Abstract   PDF
Alejandra Navarro-Benbow
Vol 30 (2007) Sometimes the Center is the Wrong Place to Be: An Examination of Isaiah 66:17* Abstract   PDF
Kevin Malarkey
Vol 33 (2010) Stakhanovites: Examining History through Gender and Propaganda* Abstract   PDF
Amanda R. Reid
Vol 34 (2011) "Stand you on that?": The Emptiness of Signification in Thomas Kyd's The Spanish Tragedy* Abstract   PDF   HTML
Ryan Chabot
Vol 32 (2009) "Strange Ceremonies": A Euro-American Understanding of the Mysteries of Native American Medicine Abstract   PDF
Karen E. Sause
Vol 29 (2006) Struggling with Flesh: Soul/Body Dualism in Porphyry and Augustine* Abstract   PDF
Dera Sipe
Vol 28 (2005) Symphony or Cacophony: How Creation Hears Itself in James Joyce's Ulysses Abstract   PDF
John Doherty
Vol 29 (2006) Teaching Tolerance through the Lens of the Holocaust: The Goodwin Holocaust Museum and Education Center of South Jersey* Abstract   PDF
Faith Charlton
Vol 32 (2009) Thailand's Unknown War: Malay-Muslim Separatism, Political Opportunities and the Dynamics of Violent Resistance* Abstract   PDF
Dana M. Moss
Vol 26 (2003) That I May See and Tell: Sight, Light and Story and Paradise Lost Book III Abstract   HTML
Victor Sensenig
Vol 35 (2012) The Entheos Diagnosis Abstract   PDF
Melissa Dugan Rachwal
Vol 27 (2004) The American Defeat at Quebec in 1775 Abstract   PDF
Anthony Nardini
Vol 28 (2005) The Awakening of a Giant: Recruiting the Disability Community as a Coalition Partner Abstract   PDF
Stephen Sheridan
Vol 40 (2017) The Barroom Blitz: Competing Neural Underliers of Impulsive Aggressive Phenotype Have Different Implications in Antisocial Personality Disorder Abstract   PDF
Katherine Dodson
Vol 27 (2004) The Calculator in the Elementary Classroom: Making a Useful Tool Out of an Ineffective Crutch Abstract   PDF
Erin McCauliff
Vol 32 (2009) The Color of Suffrage: Voter Disenfranchisement, Power Threat Hypotheses and Modern Democracy Abstract   PDF
Erin M. Kerrison
Vol 27 (2004) The Economics of Peace: World War I and Scott Nearing's Radical American* Abstract   PDF
Thomas Wirth
Vol 26 (2003) The Evolution of the Computerized Database Abstract   HTML
Nancy Bercich
Vol 40 (2017) The Flint Water Crisis: A Narrative with Administrative Recommendations* Abstract   PDF
Zachary Bowen
Vol 27 (2004) The Global Influence of New Public Management: Case Studies from Africa Abstract   PDF
Matthew Baird
Vol 36 (2013) The Impact Of Climate Change On The Mistiming Of Bird-Resource Phenologies Abstract   PDF
Joseph Funk
Vol 37 (2014) The Impact of Nitrogen Eutrophication on Caribbean Coral Reefs: A Review* Abstract   PDF
Melissa Pastore
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