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Vol 41 (2018) The Incredibly Loud and Uncomfortably Close Narrator of Uncle Tom’s Cabin Details   PDF
Stephen Reaugh
Vol 36 (2013) The Legitimacy and Etiology of Dissociative Identity Disorder* Abstract   PDF
Alexandra M. Henning
Vol 32 (2009) The Market Place of The Scarlet Letter: Hawthorne and Hester as Artist Objects Abstract   PDF
Kerry Hasler-Brooks
Vol 33 (2010) The Mythic and the Historic in Morrison: A Formalistic Study Abstract   PDF
Daniel P. Popernack
Vol 30 (2007) The Paxton Boys and the Pamphlet Frenzy: Politics, Religion, and Social Structure in Eighteenth-Century Pennsylvania* Abstract   PDF
Alexandra Mancini
Vol 33 (2010) The Peasant Rusticus: Life near Paris in the Time of Clovis Abstract   PDF
David Powell
Vol 39 (2016) The Phylogeny of New World Chickadees in the family Paridae Abstract   PDF
Robert Driver
Vol 26 (2003) The Political Compass of the Executive Director of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation Abstract   HTML
Nick Palso
Vol 37 (2014) The Process and Implications of Self-Stigma in Schizophrenia Abstract   PDF
Deborah Elaine Ward
Vol 35 (2012) The Reconstitution of Sisterhood in Augusta Webster's "A Castaway" Abstract   PDF
Grace Oh
Vol 34 (2011) The Ritual Sacrifice of Women: Misogyny and Art in Fin-de-Siècle Vienna* Abstract   PDF   HTML
Katharine Chandler
Vol 35 (2012) The Role of Religion (or Not) in the Tea Party Movement: Current Debates & The Anti-Federalists* Abstract   PDF
Julie Schumacher Cohen
Vol 32 (2009) "The Tragedy of the Penitentiary": The Philadelphia Society for Alleviating the Miseries of Public Prisons and the Formation of the Eastern State Penitentiary Abstract   PDF
Kaelyn E. Considine
Vol 33 (2010) The Unique Influence of Christian Democracy on Welfare Policy* Abstract   PDF
Kasey Neil
Vol 38 (2015) The Untold Stories of Mormonism Exposed: Material Culture, Dime Novels, and Mormonism in American Society Abstract   PDF   HTML
Daniel Gorman Jr.
Vol 28 (2005) The U.S. Recognition of Israel: A Bureaucractic Politics Model* Abstract   PDF
Nilay Saiya
Vol 31 (2008) The Value of Social Capital to the Future of Iraq* Abstract   PDF
Donald Caldwell
Vol 39 (2016) The Writing Living in Papyrus and Wool Abstract   PDF
Zack Sievers
Vol 33 (2010) The Wørd Made Fresh: A Theological Exploration of Stephen Colbert* Abstract   PDF
Rena Black
Vol 39 (2016) The δοῦλος of Pauline Literature: Slavery and Freedom in the New Testament Epistles* Abstract   PDF
Patrick Connolly
Vol 27 (2004) Theodicy and the Nature of God in Nahum and Jonah Abstract   PDF
Sandy Haney
Vol 39 (2016) Third Gender and the Third World: Tracing Social and Legal Acceptance of the Transgender Community in Developing Countries Abstract   PDF
Kimberly Tower
Vol 28 (2005) This Old Alley: Memory, Preservation, and Commemoration on Elfreth's Alley* Abstract   PDF
Alexander Bethke
Vol 33 (2010) Time for Conversations, Room for Reform: The importance of theory, history, and philosophy in teacher education programs Abstract   PDF
Karen Zaino
Vol 37 (2014) "Too inhuman": The Destabilization of Empire in Woolf's The Voyage Out* Abstract   PDF
Mary Ann Brosnan Kraftschik
Vol 33 (2010) Turning a Curse into a Blessing: Propaganda and the Emigration of British Single Women Abstract   PDF
Sandy Krogulski
Vol 27 (2004) Under the Reign of Doubt: Chaucer's House of Fame and Narrative Authority* Abstract   PDF
Christopher B. Smith
Vol 40 (2017) United States Propaganda in Iran and the Cold War Paradigm Abstract   PDF
Christopher Pegg
Vol 32 (2009) Urban Violence in Fifth Century Antioch: Riot Culture and Dynamics in Late Antique Mediterranean Cities Abstract   PDF
David A. Heayn
Vol 30 (2007) Vampirism and Blood Identity: An Analysis of Social Constructions And Anxieties Abstract   PDF
Daniella Bellafiore
Vol 31 (2008) Visceral History: Interpreting Independence National Historical Park* Abstract   PDF
Michael B. Chornesky
Vol 36 (2013) Warrior, Hero, Mentor: The Influence of Prince Peter Bagration on the Fictional Protagonists of War and Peace* Abstract   PDF
Kenneth Mumma
Vol 29 (2006) We don't do Body Counts: A study of the Pentagon and the Controversy of Civilian Casualties in Modern Warfare* Abstract   PDF
David Williams
Vol 35 (2012) When Silenced Voices Become Wall-Scale Public Discourse: A Social Constructionist Analysis of Two Philadelphia Murals Abstract   PDF
Silvana Pop
Vol 41 (2018) Which On-Base Percentage Shows the Highest True Ability of a Baseball Player? Abstract   PDF
Edwin Lu
Vol 31 (2008) Will Globalization Bring Economic Prosperity to Continental Sub-Saharan Africa? Abstract   PDF
F. Phillip Peche
Vol 34 (2011) Wind speed thresholds for Typha cattail seed release and local reduction of wind speed by mixed cattail/Phragmites stands* Abstract   PDF   HTML
Heather Heinz
Vol 37 (2014) Wise Sex: Affirmation of Human Sexuality and Female Desire in the Song of Songs Abstract   PDF
Kaley Hawk
Vol 36 (2013) Women in Caskets: Commodities in Shakespeare’s Pericles Abstract   PDF
Rebecca Hepp
Vol 33 (2010) Women in Nazi Germany: Victims, Perpetrators, and the Abandonment of a Paradigm* Abstract   PDF
David A. Guba, Jr.
Vol 31 (2008) World Bank Lending: A Catholic Social Teaching Perspective* Abstract   PDF
Stefan A. Perun
Vol 36 (2013) “A Stout Heart Crushes Ill-Luck?”: Materialism, British Masculinity, The Western Front, and the Changing Meaning of Luck in the Late-nineteenth and Early-twentieth Century Abstract   PDF
William L. Gay
Vol 41 (2018) “And down now, down…”: the Wildernesses of “Burning Chrome” and Inception Abstract   PDF
Casey Smedberg
Vol 36 (2013) “How Are Things in Glocca Morra?”: Vilifying Capitalism and Prejudice through a Socialist Utopia in Finian’s Rainbow* Abstract   PDF
Rebekah Weagraff
Vol 38 (2015) “If I Get Home Safe”: William C. White’s Experiences in the American Civil War Abstract   PDF   HTML
James Kopaczewski
Vol 36 (2013) “In His Light See Light”: The Influence of Augustine on Ratzinger’s Perspective on Creation* Abstract   PDF
Suzanne Wentzel
Vol 41 (2018) “Marriage is the tomb of trust and love”: Marriage and Divorce in Olympe de Gouges’ Plays Abstract   PDF
Justine Carre Miller
Vol 37 (2014) “None but I bestir me”: Failed Elegy as the Absence of Communal Language in Kyd’s The Spanish Tragedy Abstract   PDF
Corey Waite Arnold
Vol 39 (2016) “The Shadow in the Windowpane”: Containment, Privacy, and Censorship in Pale Fire Abstract   PDF
Laura Tscherry
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