CONCEPT is an interdisciplinary journal of graduate studies sponsored by the Graduate Division of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Villanova University. CONCEPT accepts submissions from Villanova graduate students in all fields of the arts and sciences. Submissions are reviewed by graduate student editors, faculty editors and peer reviewers, with final decisions made by the editors.

Call For Submissions

CONCEPT will be accepting article submissions for the 2016 issue beginning in December 2015. The deadline for submission is Monday, February 1, 2016. The author of the best article in the 2016 issue will receive the Graduate Student Research Prize.

Authors should register with the website, and follow the instructions there for posting their submission. (An author may submit no more than 1 article for consideration.) Those interested in serving as editors and as peer-reviewers should consult the job descriptions posted on the website and then contact the faculty editor-in-chief, Lisa Sewell ( to voluntee.


Vol 38 (2015)

Table of Contents

Graduate Research Prize (History)

“If I Get Home Safe”: William C. White’s Experiences in the American Civil War PDF HTML
James Kopaczewski


Red Ink Algorithms: "Wandering Rocks" as a Virtual City* PDF HTML
Michelle Callaghan


The Untold Stories of Mormonism Exposed: Material Culture, Dime Novels, and Mormonism in American Society PDF HTML
Daniel Gorman Jr.

Mathematics and Statistics

Application of a Markov Chain Traffic Model to the Greater Philadelphia Region PDF HTML
Joseph Glenn Reiter


Rousseau on Health: A Study of Our Relations PDF HTML
Kelsey N. Borrowman

Political Science

Seventh Fleet Standoff: A Two-Cut Analysis of the Decision to Neutralize Taiwan in June 1950* PDF HTML
Eric P. Swanson
Inequality in the Caribbean: A Case Study of Hispaniola PDF HTML
Ariana N.K. Tavakoli


Biofeedback and Anxiety Disorders: A Critical Review of EMG, EEG, and HRV Feedback PDF HTML
Lexie Tabachnick

Theology and Religious Studies

Letting the Finite Vanish: Hegel, Tillich, and Caputo on the Ontological Philosophy of Religion* PDF HTML
Jacob Neal Given
* Exclusive on-line content